Help Wanted: Contributing Editors

Glamfreak is looking for volunteer contributing editors. If you’re a make-up artist, stylist, blogger, fashion designer or photographer, this is your opportunity to get your work seen by thousands of people each week. We need contributing editors to help us regularly post (weekly) content to our Facebook page. Content posts include photos, articles, beauty/fashion tips etc. Interested? Contact us today at

Submission Guidelines

Glamfreak considers submissions for beauty tips, fashion articles, celebrity interviews and edgy high-fashion editorials. We consider submissions from emerging photographers, models, artists, musicians, writers, products and designers. If accepted, your work will be featured in our next print + online issue. We prefer unpublished work but will make exceptions if we like your submission. Nudity, tattoos, piercings or anything we deem to be overly sexually provocative will not be accepted.

Click here for our page layout guidelines.

Glamfreak does not pay for any form of submission (photos, videos, articles etc). We also do not pay for sending print copies of the magazine in exchange for your submission. Print copies must be purchased at your expense. Any costs associated with your submission are the responsibility of the photographer and/or production team unless hired specifically for the shoot by Glamfreak.

Please note that photographers and models are independent contractors and have all required insurances and model releases/permissions as appropriate. Glamfreak is NOT responsible for paying for any damaged clothing or goods used in any editorial photo shoot, any stolen, lost or unreturned clothes. Photographers must ensure that all fashion and team credits are correct and listed on the first image of the editorial spread. Glamfreak takes no fault for errors in material issued. We also cannot guarantee that all or any photos submitted will be used in Glamfreak. We reserve the right to use all photos that are submitted for the magazine on all our associated websites with appropriate credits to you.

Reasons for Not Accepting

We may not accept your submission for the following reasons. 1. Your submission is the same or similar to another work we received. 2. We do not like your submission. 3. The submission was sent to us after the deadline. 4. The submission is not complete or the submission does not meet our guidelines.

Image Specifications

Title and credits of anyone involved in the editorial (e.g. photographer, model, agency if appropriate, product, designer, artist, hair, makeup, stylist, designer, location and assistants etc.) must be on the fist image. Articles and interviews must be completed works with associated images and graphics. Glamfreak will not accept incomplete works and will not edit, modify or add credits to any submission.

6-8 images
JPEG file format
300dpi minimum

One Page (3300L x 2550W pixels)
Two Page (3300L x 5100W pixels)


By contributing and submitting to Glamfreak Magazine you agree to give Glamfreak the right to publish, create derivatives works from, distribute, and/or to incorporate your contribution in other works in any media known or later developed and distribute such material worldwide.

By your submission you warrant that each contribution is your original work and you have the copyright to make it available for its stated purpose. Therefore you will waive your moral and ethical rights in such materials and guarantee defamatory and that it does not breach or infringe on any law. You also agree to indemnify Glamfreak Magazine harmless against all liabilities, losses, claims, fees, damages and any and all expenses that may incurred by Glamfreak Magazine as a result of your breach of the above warranty.